AKA Clarifies Where He Stands With The #KFCProposal


AKA Clarifies Where He Stands With The #KFCProposal. When AKA became one of a few people to express views that seemed to contradict the happiness that showered SA last week of the #KFCProposal, people dragged him.

The Jika rapper expressed that he wishes brand companies could deliver as much support to students to cover their debt as they did pitching in for the proposal. After that he decided to establish a #MegaConcert to raise funds to settle the debts of students in universities.

Most people assumed that he had some issues with KFC and the proposal since he came up with an idea believed to have been a shade.

He has now come forward to share that he doesn’t hold anything against KFC but is speaking out on brands to push the same energy they did on the proposal to pay for students.

“They actually have a campaign where you can see where the R2’s are going. We don’t have a problem with KFC or the proposal. In fact we congratulate the couple of their engagement. However, every brand thereafter falling over themselves to donate must keep that same energy,” wrote Mega replying a tweep.

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