YoungstaCpt Drops “YAATIE,” #3T Album Art, & Album Tracklist


“When you know the pen is more mighty than the sword/ i don’t pop no mollies/ I don’t rock no Tom Fords/ I just do karate on the mic/ I’m Jean Claude,” YoungstaCPT says in “YAATIE.” This is the rapper’s third single from his upcoming debut album ‘3T’ (THINGS TAK3 TIME) and it bangs!

“My mother named me Riyadh, but the hood named me ‘YAATIE’,” Youngsta shared in a promotional tweet. His new single is personal, to say the least. In the track, the Cape Town rapper gives insight into his life growing up, mentioning a skelm uncle, his mother’s resentment towards his childhood nickname, and more. “YAATIE” also sports an outro narrated by his grandfather, Boeta Shaakie Roberts, who will also be narrating the entire album. In addition to releasing the new single, Youngsta shared the album art and tracklist, which features all of his production credits as well. This is noteworthy as Youngsta has made it a habit to show love to his producers throughout his career.

Until the album drops, enjoy “YAATIE”


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